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Adv. Latent Print

Comparison & Identification Training Course

October 14 - 18, 2013

Sacramento, California

Who May Attend: This course is open to non-law enforcement.

Cost: $122

Certified: California POST Plan IV Reimbursable

Location: The Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center, 5146 Arnold Ave, McClellan, CA 95652: Phone (916) 570-5000

College Credit: 1.5 Units through American River College, Sacramento, CA

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Course Description: This intensive five day course is designed for law enforcement and correctional professionals who desire to learn how to compare and identify latent prints to inked fingerprint and palm print impressions. Others who may consider this course would be AFIS and Ten-Print Technicians and those preparing to become Certified Latent Print Examiners. The course will consist of lecture, demonstrations, and extensive hands-on practical comparison exercises. The student will be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge in regards to…

  • An understanding of the basis for the science of absolute identification by friction ridge impressions
  • Familiarization with the various friction ridge formations and ridge flows found on the fingers, thumbs, and palmer surface of the hand
  • "Roadmaps" to use to help locate and orient the latent print impression for comparison to the known impression
  • Verification protocols, note taking, and documentation matters
  • The initial elimination or inclusion of a suspect by fingerprints or palm prints
  • Developing proficiency with the ACE-V Scientific Method to compare and identify partial friction ridge impressions
  • Preparation of fingerprint charts with Adobe Photoshop® to illustrate an identification to a jury
  • The presentation of expert testimony in a court of law
  • An understanding of what juries want to see & hear from a latent fingerprint expert
  • Developing a list of “qualification questions” and answers to use when testifying as an expert fingerprint witness in the future

A rigorous pre-test / post-test examination will be conducted during the first and last day of the course to assess student learning.

Certificates completion will be awarded to those who pass the course.

Fingerprint magnifiers will be loaned to the students. The course fee includes a three binder containing copies of reference material, practical exercises, and lecture notes.

Class size limited to 30 students.

Instructor: FBI Special Agent Mike Stapleton, M.A. (Retired)

For more information e-mail Mike Stapleton



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